Documentation for the documentation

Welcome to the documentation page about our documentation! Now, that you have completed our get started guide, you can freely choose what you want to go through next! Our extensive API documentation consists of the following sections:

  1. General

So, yes. This is indeed a documentation page about our documentation! Our documentation sections are classified based on our users' capabilities.

The tutorial section, for instance, is mostly aimed at users without a technical/programming background. There, we show you basic requests and explain what, why and how you can make use of the many features of our API. The how-to guide section is aimed at more advanced users. Ideally, you'd have read through the tutorial section first before you attempt to work yourself through the how-to guides. The how-to guides will show you how to request the correct API data, in order to create, for instance, your own livescore page or match page with odds. Small bits of implementation examples are provided here.

Finally, the API References, are the most common resources used by developers, who are already familiar with APIs. We also provide our API references in Postman.

This way, you'll know where and how to navigate through our massive documentation. Good luck!

Want to know more about who we are?

We constantly seek to improve and expand our documentation. If you think something is missing, or you have an idea for a great tutorial or how-to guide, don't hesitate and contact us! We value your input. Contact us at [email protected]