API 3.0
Odds API 3.0

Query complexity

Our APIs provide a lot of flexibility regarding includes, sorting and filtering. This flexibility makes us unique and one of the reasons thousands of customers trust Sportmonks as their sports data provider.
To be able to keep providing this high flexibility. We introduce a new mechanic to ensure our services do not get overloaded with requests that take too much processing power.
In API 2.0, each endpoint had a limited amount of nested includes, to prevent our databases from being overloaded. However, depending on the combination of includes, it was still possible to make a request which would become too big to process appropriately. We have now introduced the so-called 'query complexity' to prevent this from happening.
The 'query complexity' is a mechanic where each include has a specific score, where the user can combine as many includes as he wants as long as the threshold is not exceeded.
This mechanic allows us to monitor our systems better and keep them up and running. You can expect a higher response success rate and build even more trustworthy applications as a customer.
You can find the query complexity score for each include on the docs page of the include.