The configuration options are essential to fit the schedule widget into your application or website. You select the country and league you want to showcase. After that, you can choose if you will show the schedule of a specific round or not. When ‘by round’ is on, the schedule is shown per the current round or stage of a season. When turned off, the latest seven and upcoming three fixtures are shown by default. You can show or hide the following:

  1. Header

  2. Team logos

  3. League logos

  4. Match Center (advanced)

  5. Theme switch (light or dark mode)

You can change the font, and last but not least, you can change the Primary, sub-primary, secondary and tertiary colours.

There are multiple configuration options, but the most important options are to choose the country and league. After that, you can select the group of statistics you want to showcase. You don’t have to choose, though.

However, you can filter on a group of statistics. For example, if you only want to show everything about goals, you can select this group, and your users can see only the goals scored and those conceded statistics.

Another thing you can do with these filters is to create a filter of all statistics you want to showcase. For example, you want to combine cards and tackles, goals and possession %, or goals and cards.

You can show a season filter if you have the advanced version of the Widget. Show or hide the header and team logos. We also suggest changing the title to customise it in your app and website.

Keep in mind this title will only be visible with a certain width. If the Widget is too small, the title will disappear.

Besides, there are options to set the Widget to light- or dark mode and show or hide the theme switch. Finally, you can change the primary, sub-primary, secondary, and tertiary colours.

For more information about the configuration options you can check out our configuration page.

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