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The Topscorers Widget shows the topscorers all the way back to 2005 per season. You will see the player, the team, the nationality and the amount of goals. Also, the most assist, yellow cards and red cards top scorers are included in this Widget.
Basic versus advanced
When using the advanced option, you will receive the following additions:
  1. 1.
    Colours customisation
  2. 2.
    Custom brand
Colours customisation
You can adapt the complete table of top scorers into your own corporate identity. Designing tables ensures a professional and consistent look and differentiates your company from your competitors.
Custom brand
Looking at the bottom of the basic Topscorer Widget, you can see the Sportmonks logo. With the advanced option you can change the this to your own brand logo.
Also, is it possible to configure a couple of things on your hand
  • Choose your competition/team
  • Custom the number of rows
  • Make the team/league logo visible or not
  • Highlight one individual team
  • Decide on whether to have our header or not
  • Dark mode
  • Customise colours
Please note that we have the most detailed statistics from the 2005 season. Before that season, there were mostly basic stats available.
Last modified 4mo ago