Team statistics

The Team Statistics Widget shows all teams and their statistics in the league. All teams will be ranked based on the statistic you have selected. When you choose the statistic goals, you will see how all the teams rank based on the goals they scored. Do you want to see which team has the most possession on average? Select the Ball Possession % statistic and determine which teams have much possession and which don’t. All statistics available are:

  1. Goals

  2. Ball Possession %

  3. Corners

  4. Attacks

  5. Dangerous Attacks

  6. Offsides

  7. Fouls

  8. Tackles

  9. Yellow Cards

  10. Red Cards

  11. Yellowred Cards

  12. Goals Conceded

  13. Clean sheets

  14. Team Wins

  15. Team Draws

  16. Team Lost

Basic versus advanced

In the advanced version of the Widget, you can show a season filter. This filter lets you and your users select the season you want to see. Show the statistics of teams all the way back to 2005.

Please note that we have the most detailed statistics from the 2017 season. Before that season, there were mostly basic stats available.

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