The Livescores Widget is a widget which shows a complete schedule of the day. All leagues included in your widget subscription are provided for that particular day. You can switch to any day in the past or future as well.

By clicking on the game's score, you can see information about the events of any particular match.

Last but not least, the advanced version of this widget allows you to include the Match Centre within this widget as well. Let's dive into what the Livescore widget can do.


When people visit your widget, the first thing they will see is an overview of all fixtures that are played that day. The fixtures shown depend on your widget subscription and the configuration of your widget.

Per fixture, a match tile is displayed with both team names and live scores. Also, the game's status is shown (e.g. FT, NS) or if a fixture is LIVE, the current minute of the game. The most important events of a match (cards and goals) can be viewed by clicking on a match tile.

If you have the widget's advanced variant, you can show a ‘details’ link leading to the Match Centre.

Besides viewing the list of today's matches, the livescore overview page also has a couple of handy functionalities. You can filter on a specific league with the league select function and search on teams with the search bar. You can also view only inplay fixtures by clicking the LIVE button. And lastly, you can view schedules/results of other days using the calendar or the date buttons.

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