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The Standings Widget shows the complete table of the league you have selected. And by complete, we mean everything you expect to see in any league table is available.
You will see the position a team is in and what this ranking means at the end of the season. For example, will a team in the number 3 spot play in play-offs for a particular tournament (for example, the Champions League), and will the number 20 be relegated? These standing rules can be found by watching for the colour in front of the ranking a particular team is in and checking this colour at the bottom of the league. Besides that, the logo of the team and the team name are included in the standings table.
Next to the basic information about the teams, we will find the number of games a specific team has played (P) and the matches that a team has won (W), drawn (D) or lost (L). After that, goals for (GF), goals against (GA), goal difference (GD) and points (Pts) are shown. You can even decide to show the form of every team behind the points. This way, you can show their last five matches' results (win, draw, lose).

Basic versus advanced

The extras you will receive when using the advanced version of the Standings widgets are as followed:
  1. 1.
    Live standings
  2. 2.
    Season filter

Live standings

You can include live standings using the advanced standings widget. But what does that mean? When a fixture is live, there is a score for that particular game. For example, Arsenal has 41 points before the match starts. At the start of the match, the score is 0-0. Because of the live standings, Arsenal will now be on 42 points. When Arsenal is in the lead (let's say 1-0), the team will have 41+3 points in the live standings. In short, the virtual result of a live match will be included in the standings if you decide to use live standings.

Season filter:

You will have access to all seasons Sportmonks provides of the leagues you have included in your widget subscription. This means you can select any season you want to use the standings. Are you interested in that season your favourite team won the league? Show your pride and put it on your website by selecting the specific season. More interested in finding out which team became champion in a particular season? Easily select that season to find out about the standings.