Match centre

The Match Centre Widget shows various statistics, a match preview, lineups, events, H2H, and more. There is much information about the location and the total result of the two teams facing each other.

You can show the team logos, player images and the theme switch. You can also decide to hide all of these. This way, the theme you choose will be shown on your website. There is a light and a dark theme for the widget.

You can change the colours and fonts. You can also delete the Sportmonks logo and replace it with your logo.


The Match Center page displays extensive information about a match. The data shown depends on the coverage of the league of the game. A live scoreboard is always displayed, with both teams, livescore and goal scorers. Other relevant information, such as league info, referee, date and temperature, is also shown on the scoreboard.

As you can see above, there are several tabs beneath the scoreboard. Each tab shows different data about a match.

Match preview

Here you can view data that is relevant before a match. The following data is displayed:

  • Sidelined players

  • H2H Results

  • Venue information

  • Weather information


On this tab, you can view team statistics and trends about the match. Each statistic is compared between teams.


The lineups and benches of both teams are visible on the Lineup tab. The lineups are visible in a list and a visual formation field. The coaches and formations of both teams are also displayed.


All events are displayed in the events tab. Per event, it is clear what event it is about when it happened and which player(s) are related to it.

Besides all match events, commentaries are also shown in Events. Commentaries are pieces of text about an event. Commentaries are displayed on a vertical timeline, and important events (goals and cards) are highlighted.


The last tab shows historical data from matches between the two teams. The following information is displayed:

  • Previous 5 (5 or fewer) direct confrontations and their scores

  • Total results between the two teams

  • Recent form (5 matches) of both teams

  • Statistics of past confrontations

Remember that the widget data displayed depends on the leagues you have at your disposal. Also, not all leagues have full coverage on all resources. Check our coverage page for more information about resources and coverage.

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