The Standings widget shows an overview of the current table. With this, you can see the progress of your team and its standings in the current competition. This could be changed per competition the team is competing in.

It shows the following: Points, games played, wins, draws, losses and goal balance.

Also, it is possible to configure a couple of features

  • Choose your competition/team

  • Show or hide the team/league logo

  • Set on dark mode

Basic versus advanced

When using the advanced option, you will receive the following additions:

  1. Colours customisation

  2. Custom brand

Colours customisation

You can adapt the tables of your team completely into your own corporate identity. Designing tables ensures a professional and consistent look and differentiates your company from your competitors.

Custom brand

Looking at the bottom of the basic Topscorer Widget, you can see the Sportmonks logo. With the advanced option, changing this to your brand logo is possible.

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