Here you will find everything you need to know about Sportmonks’ Football API 2.0 (Deprecated).
This version of the API is deprecated. Please visit the docs of our brand new API 3.0
Welcome to the documentation overview of Sportmonks' APIs. We'll briefly inform you about the features of our API and then you can explore our documentation for yourself.
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Features of our APIs

Sportmonks offers standard REST APIs. Requests are sent with URLs and responses will be returned in JSON format. Every authentication is spearheaded by an API token. We have assembled a library of all of our endpoints including example requests in Postman.
We recommend you submit your requests with Postman since we have already prepared the request for you there! Hit the button below to import our Football API collection.
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If you want to get started right away, great! Head over to our Getting Started section, where you'll create your own API token and create your first request.
Else, you can refer to our Documentation Organization section, to see what's relevant for you.
Are you here for our API References Guide? No problem here's a link and enjoy! For any technical questions, you can email our support team [email protected].
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