How-to build a custom plan

Welcome to the How-to build a custom plan guide! Here we will help you set up your own plan with only the leagues and features you need.

At Sportmonks, we want all our customers to be able to get exactly what they want and need for their application.

This is only possible if we give our customers the opportunity to create a subscription to their liking. So, let's take a look at how to create a custom plan specifically for your application.

So, let's take a look at how to create a custom plan specifically for your application.

Table of contents

  1. New subscription

  2. Sports selection

  3. Choose new custom plan

  4. Select your leagues

  5. Select your data features

  6. The final step

  7. Success

Step 1: New subscription

First, you need to go to the subscription tab and click "New subscription". Please find the image below to see how to get there.

Step 2: Sports selection

This is what you will get after clicking on the new subscription button. Select the sport(s) you want and click "next". For this example, we will continue with the sport football.

You could choose all three sports at once or make a combination. Football and Cricket have the option to build a custom plan.

Step 3: Choose New Custom Plan

Now it gets interesting. All our default plans can be found on this page (1). Besides that, special tournaments (for example, the World Cup) will also be available as special add-ons here (2). You can select one plan and multiple specials at the same time. We will now select "New Custom Plan" (3) because we are building a custom plan.

Step 4: Select your leagues

Now we are at the page where you start building the plan you need. You can select the leagues you want to include in your application. You will see you can choose all leagues from the default plans (for example, the World Plan Leagues 1), the number of leagues included in the default plans is visible (2), and you can view which leagues are included as well (3). Let's click on the "view button".

Extra tip: "View"

From here, you can find out which leagues are included (1), copy the league ID (2) of leagues and go to the coverage page (3). You cannot include the leagues in your plan via this pop-up.

Select your leagues (2)

Underneath the default plans, you can find the table with all leagues. We have two options to search for the leagues you like. You can filter based on "Country" (1) and "Name" (2). In the example, there are seven leagues in the United Kingdom with a name that contains "Premier League" (3). Also, you can see that we selected the Premier League with League ID 8. You can always remove a selected league by clicking that pink circle (4).

Also, you can toggle between all leagues and the selected leagues at the top right of the table (1). This way, you can check if all the leagues you want are set. Please notice that the number of leagues changes at the top left corner in the table (2).

Above you see we have chosen five leagues:

  1. Premier League

  2. La Liga

  3. Bundesliga

  4. Ligue 1

  5. Serie A

Delete leagues in the "selected tab", add leagues in the "all tab" to make it more manageable.

Step 5: Select your data features

Next up are the data features. You can find all the data features we offer on this page. You see the number of leagues included in the custom plan (1). Another thing that you can do straight away is to select the predictions add-on (2). Please note that you can choose all basic, standard or advanced features by clicking on the small pink circle below the data features (keep in mind not all data features are in this screenshot).

As mentioned earlier, you can select all features of a specific set at once by clicking on the pink button below the basic, standard and advanced (3).

However, you can select only the features you want one by one as well. You can always delete the feature by clicking on the pink circles behind all the features as well (1).

Step 6: The final step

After clicking "next," you can click on predictions again to toggle it on or off (1). Besides that, you can leave our sales team a message (2). For example, you can type any reason you want to take this particular custom plan. When you are done, you can click on "Request Price" (3).

You can return to the leagues or data features page by clicking on edit.


Now you are on the success page. We have received your proposal and will get back to you shortly. If you receive an error message, it might be the case that you have sent three custom plan requests before. Don't hesitate to contact the support team to delete the previous requests so you have room for a new request.

Good luck with your custom plan!

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