Demo response files

Next to the responses in our tutorials and how-to guides, we have generated some example files for you to download. The example JSON files will help you build your implementation. Click on the button to download the example files.


Match and player stats + events: Paris Saint Germain - Bayern München (2020-08-23)

Request with the statistics, events, lineups, bench and player details{YOURTOKEN}&include=localTeam,visitorTeam,events,stats,lineup.player,bench.player

Fixture odds: Paris Saint Germain - Bayer München (2020-08-23)

Request with the flatOdds from bet365.{YOURTOKEN}&bookmakers=2&include=flatOdds

Team and player

Team season statistics: Real Madrid (La Liga 2019/2020)

‌The season team stats of Real Madrid in the Spanish 2019/2020 season.{YOURTOKEN}&include=stats&seasons=16326

Team season squad: Manchester United (Premier League 2019/2020)

‌The whole team squad of Manchester United in the Premier league 2019/2020 season.{YOURTOKEN}&include=player

Player season statistics: Lionel Messi (La Liga 2019/2020)

The season player stats of Lionel Messi in the Spanish 2019/2020 season.{YOURTOKEN}&include=stats&seasons=16326


Domestic season standings

The season standings of the Premier league 2019/2020 season.{YOURTOKEN}&

International cup standings

The group stage standings of the UEAFA Champions League 2019/2020 season{YOURTOKEN}&

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