API Rate limiting

Every default plan has 2000 API calls per endpoint per hour. If you feel this is not enough, you can upgrade this amount when selecting your plan.

In this section we briefly explain how this rate-limiting works exactly.

How does the rate limit work?

As mentioned, each pan has 2000 API calls per endpoint per hour. The rate limit starts counting when you make the first of X requests*. For example: If you make the first of X requests at 18:18 UTC it will be reset at 19:18. Information about the current number of calls can be found in the response meta section.

Please note that X stands for the number of API calls in your plan.

What happens when I hit the rate limit?

Once you’ve hit the rate limit, you will receive a 429 response. The rate limit kicks in after the first request has been made. The rate limit will be set to 0 when an hour has passed. Until the hour is finished you will not be able to request data from the endpoint of which you surpassed the rate limit.

How can I find how many API requests I have left?

When you make a request the API response should include a header called 'x-ratelimit-remaining', this marks your remaining amount of requests for that hour.

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