The fixture endpoint provides information about games in particular leagues. For many customers, the endpoint 'fixtures' is the primary endpoint for their app or website. Because 'fixtures' is one of our API’s most critical endpoints, we’re going to walk you through all six different ways of using the endpoint.

Note that you only have access to fixtures that are in the plan you are subscribed to.

The fixture endpoints can’t be used for live games. For live games, please use our livescores endpoint.

The endpoint is subdivided over six categories where you can request the endpoint:

All these endpoints, except get last updated, share the same possible includes and parameters. Please refer to our includes and filter tutorials on how to use them. Some of the most used filters are:

  • Leagues: filter on league ids.

  • Bookmakers*: filter on bookmaker ids.

  • Markets*: filter on market ids.

  • Status: filter on status.

You can only filter on the bookmakers & markets parameters when you've enriched your response with the odds include.

A total overview of the includes and parameters is available at our API reference guide. For this example, we’re going to show you how to use our different fixture endpoints. You’ll learn how to request fixtures using an id and using a specified date (range).

The end goal of this tutorial is to successfully request (multiple) fixture IDs, as well as request all fixtures between two dates for Celtic. Let’s get started then, shall we?

What is fixture data?

Well, I lied. Before we get started, we’ll first show you what kind of data the fixture endpoints get you.

See below for a response with all the data from one fixture.

 "data": [
            "id": 16475287,
            "league_id": 501,
            "season_id": 17141,
            "stage_id": 77447501,
            "round_id": 194968,
            "group_id": null,
            "aggregate_id": null,
            "venue_id": 8909,
            "referee_id": 14859,
            "localteam_id": 53,
            "visitorteam_id": 338,
            "winner_team_id": 53,
            "weather_report": {
                "code": "clouds",
                "type": "few clouds",
                "icon": "",
                "temperature": {
                    "temp": 59.94,
                    "unit": "fahrenheit"
                "temperature_celcius": {
                    "temp": 15.5,
                    "unit": "celcius"
                "clouds": "20%",
                "humidity": "67%",
                "pressure": 1014,
                "wind": {
                    "speed": "10.29 m/s",
                    "degree": 300
                "coordinates": {
                    "lat": 55.87,
                    "lon": -4.26
                "updated_at": "2020-08-02T17:15:04.814798Z"
            "commentaries": false,
            "attendance": null,
            "pitch": null,
            "details": null,
            "neutral_venue": false,
            "winning_odds_calculated": true,
            "formations": {
                "localteam_formation": "4-2-3-1",
                "visitorteam_formation": "4-4-2"
            "scores": {
                "localteam_score": 5,
                "visitorteam_score": 1,
                "localteam_pen_score": null,
                "visitorteam_pen_score": null,
                "ht_score": "2-1",
                "ft_score": "5-1",
                "et_score": null,
                "ps_score": null
            "time": {
                "status": "FT",
                "starting_at": {
                    "date_time": "2020-08-02 15:30:00",
                    "date": "2020-08-02",
                    "time": "15:30:00",
                    "timestamp": 1596382200,
                    "timezone": "UTC"
                "minute": 90,
                "second": null,
                "added_time": null,
                "extra_minute": null,
                "injury_time": null
            "coaches": {
                "localteam_coach_id": 1467946,
                "visitorteam_coach_id": 30082158
            "standings": {
                "localteam_position": 1,
                "visitorteam_position": 12
            "assistants": {
                "first_assistant_id": 12118,
                "second_assistant_id": 17249,
                "fourth_official_id": 15815
            "leg": "1/1",
            "colors": {
                "localteam": {
                    "color": "#007848",
                    "kit_colors": "#F0F0F0,#139343,#5B0623,#0A0A0A,#5C8FAE,#FFDF1B,#F0F0F0"
                "visitorteam": {
                    "color": "#0046A8",
                    "kit_colors": "#0046A8,#0046A8,#0046A8,#0046A8,#C40010,#0046A8,#0046A8"
            "deleted": false,
            "is_placeholder": false,

It might seem overwhelming, but don’t worry! As you might have noticed in all of our previous tutorials, we've included a tab with the field descriptions.

A small recap: We can see the id of the fixture, which is 16475287. Every fixture has his own unique id. Next, we can see various other ids, such as league, season, local and visitor teams, and the winner’s id. Scroll down a bit more, and you’ll see the final score, total playing time and date of when the match was played, and both teams’ standings.

Request fixtures by date

We’re going to start by using the endpoint called fixtures by date.

We’ve used this endpoint multiple times in our previous tutorials. This is the best option if you want to request all the fixtures of a specific date. You will need to fill in the date in a YYYY-MM-DD format. The API will return all the fixtures of the specified date you requested.{YYYY-MM-DD}?api_token={API_TOKEN}

So, let’s say we use the following default date, that is also used in Postman: 2020-08-02:{API_TOKEN}

Notice how it’s the same response as our fixture example above? Next up, we’ll show you how to get all the fixtures between two specified dates.

Request fixture by date range

Sometimes, you want to get all the fixtures for a certain date range, such as all the fixtures in a week. Our fixture by date range endpoint will do this for you. You can request fixtures between days, weeks, months, and even years. Once again, the date should be filled in in the YYYY-MM-DD format.{startdate}/{enddate}?api_token={API_TOKEN}

Now, let’s say we want to have all the fixtures that are being played in the week of 2020-08-02 until 2020-08-10:{API_TOKEN}

The API will give you all the fixtures between the requested dates. We'll happily show you the API response, but it's not any different from the response of our previous request.

Request fixture by id

The fixture by id endpoint is perfect when you want to request information about a single fixture. This endpoint is often used for specific match pages. To make use of this endpoint, simply use the following URL:{Fixture_ID}?api_token={API_TOKEN}

Now, we simply add the fixture id from step 1:{API_TOKEN}

Well, will you look at that? It’s the exact same response!

You can also retrieve fixtures by using ‘fixtures’ as an include on certain endpoints.

You can also request fixture by multiple ids, in case you want to request more than one. This is a different endpoint An actual request will look like this:,16475288?api_token={API_TOKEN}

And that’s done too.

Note that you can request a maximum of 25 fixtures with this endpoint.

Request all fixtures of your favorite team!

As a football fan, you might be more interested in all the matches of your favorite team. We understand and got you covered with our endpoint: get fixtures by date range for team. This endpoint is basically a minor extension from fixtures by date range:{startdate}/{enddate}/{teamID}?api_token={API_TOKEN}

So, let’s say we’re major Celtic fan (team id: 53):{API_TOKEN}

Just like that, we requested all the Celtic fixtures between the 2nd of August 2020 and the 10th of August of 2020. This endpoint is excellent for when you are building an application for your favorite team. Because you get to see how your team performed between two dates. If you know the dates for when the season began and when it ended, you can also request all the particular season’s fixtures.

Keep it, synced!

To help you keep your data in sync, we have implemented an endpoint that returns you all the games that have received an update within two hours. Fixtures that have updated lineups, events, or statistics are included. You will only receive updates for fixtures that have ended or haven’t started yet.{API_TOKEN}

Something that’s closely linked to fixtures is our livescores endpoint. We will discuss this in the next chapter.

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