Odds are one of our API's most used features. With this data feature, you can build an odds portal and a match page with odds. We offer various ways of requesting odds.

The possibilities are:

But first, let's explain what bookmakers and markets are.

Bookmakers and markets

A bookmaker is a betting company that gives you the option to bet on a match’s particular outcome. The market is the type of betting system itself. There are various markets, but the most well-known one is the 3-way result (home team wins, draw, visitor team wins).

We at SportMonks offer you a large number of markets and bookmakers for you to choose from.

You can request all the bookmakers' ids via our bookmakers endpoint. This endpoint is very useful for administrative purposes to check and structure the bookmakers’ availability.

Besides that, you can request all the market ids via our markets endpoint. The markets endpoint will help you set up the Odds properly on your website or application. This endpoint is very useful for administrative purposes to check and structure market availability.


Here's an overview of all the different odds we will discuss:

  • Live odds: these are the odds for live games. We only offer bet365 and all their markets for live odds. Please note that you can only use the live odds when the fixture is in-play.

  • Pre-match odds: these are odds before a fixture. You can best use this if you want to show the odds before a match starts.

  • FlatOdds: this is used as an include on our livescores/fixtures endpoint. It allows you to filter on a specific bookmaker and/or market id.

  • OddComparison: the benefit of the oddComparison include is that it contains more bookmakers, making this the best option if you want to make a comparison application between all the bookmakers and the odds they offer.

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