Match statistics

One of the most frequently asked questions is: “How can I get match statistics just like below?”.

Please note that above is just a snippet of the match stats we cover.

There are many possible ways, thanks to the flexibility of our API.

As you've seen in our previous tutorials, every fixture has a unique id. Therefore, you can use one of our fixtures by id endpoints, or you can request them by date. In our fixtures tutorial, we’ve discussed all the different ways to access fixtures.

Now, as you have read in our includes tutorial, you can enrich the API response. If you want statistics, you can add the include stats.{API_TOKEN}&include=stats

Nothing more, nothing less.

Live Match statistics

Let’s say you want the statistics of matches that are currently live. As you know you can use our livescores/now endpoint to request all the in-play fixtures:

The only thing you need to do is to add the stats include:{API_TOKEN}&include=stats

The stats include will enrich your response with all the match statistics of all games that are currently live. If you only want to have stats for certain live fixtures, then you can filter. For instance, if you only want all the live matches from the English Premier League (league id: 8) with stats, you can use this request:{API_TOKEN}&include=stats&leagues=8

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