Player statistics

You've just learnt how you can request match and team statistics. Now, we’re going to request the statistics of one specific player.

For this example, we’ll go with Robert Lewandowski (player id: 31000). The endpoint you'll need to use is our player by id endpoint. Just like with the match and team stats, you'll only need to use the stats include.{API_TOKEN}&include=stats

Be aware that, just like with the team statistics, this request will give you all the player statistics of the seasons the player has played or is active in. If you only want the player’s statistics of one particular season, you can filter on it.

For example, below request return the statistics of Robert Lewandowski for his German Bundesliga 2019/2020 season (season id: 16264){API_TOKEN}&include=stats&seasons=16264

Live Player statistics

You might notice that the stats include on our fixtures/livescores endpoint will only provide you with statistics of the match. But, where are the player statistics? Great question! The player statistics are available via the lineup include.

The lineup include will provide you with the starting eleven of both teams. Next to that, each player will also have an array of stats.

For example, below you can view the in-play stats of Marcus Rashford in the Champions League match PSG – United.{API_TOKEN}&include=lineup.player

As you can see the lineup include will return all the statistics of the players in the match. Furthermore, we used the nested include.playerto include some basic player information. More information about nested includes can be found in our nested include tutorial.

If you also want access to stats from players who were substituted later on, you will need to use thebenchinclude as well.

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