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In this section we will guide you to all the screens and functionalities you and your customers can expect to see per widget, when using our international cup widgets.


This widget shows the full schedule of the tournament that is live updated during matches. The fixtures are shown per stage of the tournament. Per fixture a match tile is displayed with both team names and logos. Between the teams the score is shown for played or inplay matches. If a fixture has not started yet, the start time of the fixture is displayed. Above the score the status of the game is shown (eg. FT) or if a fixture is LIVE, the current minute of the game. The most important events of a match (cards and goals) can be viewed by clicking on a match tile. If you have the advanced variant of the widget you can show a details link which leads to the Match Center. The additional content of the match tile and schedule depends on the type of tournament. For example the widget for the World Cup shows fixtures per day and displays the venues of the match on its match tiles.


This widget shows the tournament's group standings. Each group standing shows the ranking of the teams with their games played, won, drawn, lost, goals for, goals against, goal difference and points statistics. Default the standing rules of the group is also displayed. For example for World Cup groups it is displayed that the first two teams in the standing will go through to the Round of 16 stage. Standing rules can be hidden in the configurator of the widget. Advanced users of the widget have the option of showing live standings in their widget. With live standings the standings are updated live during games, so the virtual ranking of the teams is always displayed.

Standings Slider

The standings slider also displays group standings of a tournament, but shows it horizontally and can be swiped across the screen. Always one group standing is displayed with the same standing details as the standard standings widget. You have the option to set your preferred group in the configurator. When setting your preferred group, the widget automatically slides to that group when it's loaded. Just as the standings widget live standings are also an extra optional feature for Advanced widget users.


The squad widget displays a chosen team's squad for a certain tournament. All players of the squad are displayed ordered by their position in the field. All player records include some details and statistics of the player which are all sortable. The following player details and statistics are shown:

  • Jersey Number

  • Name

  • Position

  • Nationality (depends on widget)

  • Age

  • Games Played

  • Played in Starting 11

  • Substitutions in

  • Substitutions out

  • Goals

  • Assists

  • Yellow Cards

  • Red Cards

  • Yellow-red Cards

  • Minutes played

  • Rating

The availability of the various player details and statistics depends on the coverage of the league. Not all leagues have full coverage on all resources. Check our coverage page for more information about resources and coverage.

Advanced users of the widget can also configure the widget to let users switch between the tournament's participating teams inside the widget.


The topscorers endpoint shows the topscorers for goals, assists, yellow cards and red cards in a tournament. At default 5 topscorers per category are shown. This number can be configured in the configurator. Each topscorer is displayed with their rankings, name, photo, team, total, and amount of games. Additionally some extra relevant statistics are shown per category. For example goal scorers have total shots and goal conversion statistics, assist scorers have amount of passes and card scorers have their amount of fouls.

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