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In this section we will guide you to all the screens and functionalities you and your customers can expect to see, when using the livescore widget.

Livescore overview

When people visit your widget, the first thing they will see is an overview of all fixtures that are played that day. The fixtures shown depend on your subscription and configuration of your widget. Per fixture a match tile is displayed with both team names and live scores of the match. Also the status of the game is shown (eg. FT) or if a fixture is LIVE, the current minute of the game. The most important events of a match (cards and goals) can be viewed by clicking on a match tile. If you have the advanced variant of the widget you can show a details link which leads to the match center.

Besides viewing the list of today's matches the livescore overview page also has a couple of handy functionalities. You can filter on a certain league with the league select, you can search on teams with the search bar. You can also view only fixtures that are inplay by clicking the LIVE-button. And lastly you can view schedules/results of other days, by using the calendar or the date buttons.

Match center

By clicking on a fixture's details link, you will go to the match center of that fixture. The match center page displays extensive information about a match. The data shown depends on the coverage of the league of the match. There is always a live scoreboard displayed, with both teams, livescore and goal scorers. Other relevant information, such as league info, referee, date and temperature is also displayed on the scoreboard.

As you can see above there are several tabs beneath the score board. Each tab shows different data about a match.

The several tabs and data shown in each of them are listed below

Match preview

Here you can view data that is relevant before a match. The following data is displayed

  • Sidelined players

  • H2H Results

  • Venue information

  • Weather information


On this tab you can view team statistics en trends about the match. Each statistic is compared between teams.

Trend data is graphically shown on a timeline. Possession, goals, shots, attacks, corners and cards trends are visible.


The lineups and bench of both teams are visible on the Lineup tab. The lineups are visible in a list as well as in a graphical formation field. The coaches and formations of both teams are also displayed


All events are displayed in the events tab. Per event it is clear what event it is about, when it happened and which player(s) are related to it.

Besides all match events, commentaries are also shown in Events. Commentaries are pieces of text about an event. Comments are shown on a vertical timeline and important ones (goals and cards) are highlighted.


On the last tab historical data from matches between the two teams are shown. The following information is displayed:

  • Last 5 (5 or less) direct confrontations and their scores

  • Total results between the two teams

  • Recent form (5 matches) of both teams

  • Statistics of past confrontations

Keep in mind, the data displayed in the widget depends on the leagues you have in your disposal. Also not all leagues have full coverage on all resources. Check our coverage page for more information about resources and coverage.

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