Since the release of API3 and onwards, we will list any additions and changes made in the API on this page, in chronological order (YYYY-MM-DD format)



  • We have added the currentPeriod include. You can use this as a more convenient way to get the current inplay period for a fixture. Note that the result can be null, for example when the fixture itself is not inplay or the fixture is currently in half-time break.


  • The Multiple Fixtures by Id endpoint now allows a maximum of 50 unique id's, this reflects the maximums (per_page) we allow on default paginated endpoints.


  • The developer name of Type "Screwsnails Removal" (id: 830) has been renamed to SCREWS_NAILS_REMOVAL for naming convention.


As per an earlier announcement, we have released some changes to the API on this date.

Removed fields:

  • State: is_live, is_pending, is_period_end, is_final_state, is_cancelled, is_final_standing_state, is_completed, type_id, is_deleted, is_notstarted, period_length_setting, deactivate_inplay
  • Period: period_length_internal, final_minute, home_score, away_score
  • Fixture: last_processed_at

Renamed fields:

  • Squad: yersey_number was renamed to jersey_number
Added fields:
  • League: category (basic tier like indicator for the size / popularity of the league. Ranges from 1-4, where 1 are the most 'popular' leagues.
Ordering on endpoints:
  • Paginated endpoints now support ordering, you can pass a query parameter order with your request to indicate the desired order. Currently order=desc and order=asc are supported. Visit the documentation of the endpoint you are wishing to use ordering on to obtain the field that the ordering applies on.
Threshold adjustments:
  • The threshold of the Latest Updated Fixtures endpoint was lowered from 5 minutes, to 10 seconds. The previous threshold of 5 minutes fetched too much results at times, causing requests to time out.