New endpoints and data features

We can offer more data features and new endpoints thanks to our new back-end structure. (i.e. ball coordinates, referee and coach statistics)

New Endpoints

Available in core:

  • Base entities;

    • Continents

    • Regions

    • Countries

    • Cities

    • Filters

  • Types endpoint

    • All Types

    • Type By ID

  • My endpoints (to check your own data features)

    • Data Features endpoint

      • My Data Features

    • Endpoints

      • My Endpoints

    • Leagues

      • My Leagues

  • Search endpoints for all entities with a name field

  • Extra endpoints for each entity

League priority

You can now prioritize the leagues you want to view. In MySportmonks you can change the priority of all leagues in your subscription. You can simply sort them according to your liking and the API will show leagues in this specific order when requesting leagues.

New Data Features

  • Offsides events for major leagues

  • Detailed player positions

  • Shots on/off target events for major leagues

  • Placeholder games available (finals etc)

  • Ball coordinates (semi-live)

  • Forecast weather report

  • More predictions

  • Predictive lineup (Beta)

  • Coach statistics

  • Referee statistics

  • Period statistics

  • More statistics in general

Remember, our historical data will be integrated into the new version of our API gradually. So, the historical data is not yet complete. However, we will be loading more historical data continuously.

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