Football API 3.0 is a REST API that can be used to request football data from our wide-ranging database and has the following characteristics:

  • Highly customizable requests

  • Fast livescores

  • Reliable and accurate data

Besides the Football API, Sportmonks offers a Prediction API, News API, and multiple Football Widgets. Also, a Cricket API and a Formula 1 API are in our assortment.

Over 1.900 leagues are included in the Football API and 900 in the Prediction API. Every continent, country, league, season, stage, round, venue, TV Station, player, coach, referee, bookmaker, market, news article, event, and fixture have their own id.

We have over 15 entities which are parents to multiple endpoints. In total, there are over 100 endpoints available in API 3.0. All of these endpoints are thoroughly explained on their own endpoint page.

Every entity has a rate limit that is calculated over all endpoints within that entity. You can learn more about the rate limit in our rate limit section.

You will find valuable tutorials and how-to guides to help you kickstart your application on these documentation pages.

Let's get started right away by making your first request right now!

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