In general, the participants include provides additional information about the participants involved in a specific fixture. Including the participants in your request allows you to retrieve detailed information about each team like the name, image and which team won a fixture.

How to use this include

You can use the participants include by adding the &include= parameter and setting it to participants to retrieve this information. For a GET Fixture by ID request, that would look like this:{fixture_ID}&include=participants

Understanding the response

As you can see in the response tab above; each team is represented as an object with the following attributes:

  • id: Unique identifier for the team.

  • sport_id: Identifier for the sport.

  • country_id: Identifier for the country the team belongs to.

  • venue_id: Identifier for the venue where the team plays its home matches.

  • gender: Gender category.

  • name: Name of the team.

  • short_code: Short code or abbreviation for the team name.

  • image_path: URL to the team's logo or image.

  • founded: Year the team was founded.

  • type: Type of team.

  • placeholder: Indicates if the team is a placeholder or not.

  • last_played_at: Date and time of the team's last match.

In the "meta" section you can find additional data about that team related to the fixture.

  • location: Indicates if the team is the home or away side.

  • winner: Indicates if the team has won the match or not. If the match hasn't finished yet this will be set to null.

  • position: Indicates the position in the standings for that team.

Other include options

In addition to the participants include, you can use nested includes to retrieve even more detailed data. You can find more information about our nested includes on this page. The following include are used the most for participants:

  • participants.upcoming which gives the upcoming fixtures for each team.

  • participants.latest which gives the past fixtures for each team.

  • participants.sidelined which gives all the injured and suspended players for each team.

  • participants.coaches which gives the coaches for each team.

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