Data corrections

How do we handle data corrections?

All of our data is managed in our in-house data collection platform. Our dedicated scout teams from all over the world add, manage and validate the data collected by this platform.

We work together with high-class data partners to ensure our football data is reliable and always up to date. However, since the data is also human work, errors or inconsistencies may occur in the data we offer. To ensure the highest quality of football data, we have a mandatory process to handle data corrections promptly and effectively.

Data verification and validation

Before making any updates or corrections, we employ a rigorous verification and validation process. Our dedicated team of data experts reviews and cross-checks the information from our data scouts and professional data partners.

Once a data correction is reported or identified, our data correction team immediately investigates the issue and takes the necessary steps to fix it. We have a system in place to identify the priority of the data error and fix it accordingly.

Continuous improvement

We are committed to continuous improvement and strive to enhance the accuracy and reliability of our data. We regularly review our internal processes, systems, and feedback mechanisms to identify areas for improvement. By leveraging the feedback from our users and utilising the latest technologies, we aim to provide the most comprehensive and error-free data in the sports field.

Weโ€™re dedicated to maintaining the highest data quality and reliability standards.

Error Reporting

We greatly value the feedback and contributions from our users in identifying any inaccuracies or errors in our data. We encourage you to notify us via

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