📁Changelog (BETA)

This changelog was used during the Beta version of API3. Since API3 has been released by now, this Beta changelog will no longer be updated. You should refer to the live changelog instead.

From the 25th of October and onwards, we will list any additions and changes made in the API (Beta) on this page, in chronological order (YYYY-MM-DD format).


  • We have added a new type called GOALKEEPER_GOALS_CONCEDED. This was required because the current GOALS_CONCEDED stat merged the goalskeeper and player stats which was not mean to be.


  • We have changed some logic in the parsing of includes, making them case-insensitive. As a result of this the response will also include a lowercase contiguous version of the include name.


  • For the time being, we have removed the player_id and related_player_id fields from comments, they will be added back again at a later stage, after the implementation for the detection of players names has been further improved.


  • We have implemented a filter called hasOdds on Fixture entities. You can apply it like so &filters=havingOdds You can also switch the value of the boolean to check for, use &filters=havingOdds:false to get the exact opposite results.

  • A field called has_odds has been implemented on Fixture entities, marking whether a Fixture has odds available in our database.


  • When using the topscores include on Stages and Seasons, you can now use a nested topscorer (e.g topscorers.topscorer) include, this include shows more information about how the record was established, for example for a player, it shows for which individual teams the player scored goals for which counted towards the total.


  • New Bookmakers have been added; MelBet, Macauslot and HG

  • Odds processing for Betregal, Ladbrokes, Cloudbet, Nitrogen, Betclic and MansionBet has been implemented.


  • The endpoints returning "all" entities, are now ordered by their respective ID in ascending order.


  • When using the participants include on a Fixture. The meta now shows the winner and position field, respectively indicating whether a participant has won the fixture, and the position of the participant in the league's standings prior to the match.


  • Since we have drastically changed our pre-match odds processing for API3, pre-match odds are now updating more frequently, causing any changes in odds values to be available a lot quicker than before. Therefore, we have changed the threshold of Latest Updated Pre-Match odds endpoint from 5 minutes to 10 seconds, since using the 5 minute threshold could cause memory issues because of the amount of updated odds returned.


  • The statistics include is now available on Rounds, Stages, and Periods.

  • A Socials include has been added to retrieve the Social Media platforms a team / player etc. is active on. In addition a Channels include has been added to retrieve extended information about the social media platform. We hope to expand our coverage of these socials over time.


  • We will be reloading the (historical) pre-match odds for API3. Until the process is done the coverage of the odds for API3 may vary. Update: this process is now completed.


  • We will be reloading the (historical) pre-match odds for API3. Until the process is done the coverage of the odds for API3 may vary. Update: this process is now completed.

  • A subType include has been added, this include gives additional information about a certain entity which also belongs to a type. For example on Events, the type_id can be of GOAL (id: 14), the sub_type can give more information about this event, for example that the goal was with a RIGHT_FOOT_SHOT (id: 1522).

  • The home_score and away_score on Fixtures and Periods have now been removed from the API, they were deprecated as stated in the changelog entry from 2022-12-23.


  • A scores include has been added to retrieve a score for fixtures in a more convenient way. The include returns the scores per period, as well as the current score for the regarding fixture. The home_score and away_score on a Fixture are now deprecated, as well as these fields on a Period, they will be removed from the API in before the beta stage is over.


  • The Current Leagues by Team Id and the Leagues by Team Id endpoint have been moved from the /teams route directory to the /leagues route directory, this better follows the convention since a league is the base entity that is returned.


We are currently load testing the API. The availability and performance of the API may vary while this is ongoing.


  • The Live Leagues and Leagues by Fixture Date endpoints now utilize league priority.

  • A metadata include has been added to Player entities, it gives additional information about a player, for example their preferred foot.

  • A position include has been added to PlayerStatistic entities.

  • We will be reloading the pre-match odds for API3. Fixtures can return empty lists for pre-match orders until the reload is complete. Once the reload is completed, it will be stated here.


  • Forms are now available via an include, you can use the form include on Standing entities to get the (historical) form of a participant per fixture. You can use the sort_order field to display the form, the latest fixtures have the highest sort_order.



  • A dynamic filter for Stages has been added. It is available on every entity that has a relation to a stage, for example on a fixture, you can apply it like so &filters=fixtureStages:11

  • We have implemented a sidelined include on Fixture entities. It will return the sidelined players for the given fixture.

  • It is now possible to add the filters=populate to your query parameter. This parameter allows for a higher pagination limit (max 1000), so you can populate your database in a more convenient way instead of using the default pagination limit of 50. To prevent our services from being overloaded, using includes is disabled when this filter is added to the request.


  • Because of a typo, we have renamed the yersey_number field in Lineup entities, to jersey_number.


  • The detailed_position_id field has been removed from a Lineup entity. This field became obsolete, to build a (visual) formation you should use the formation_field attribute which is also available on the Lineup entity. The detailed_position_id is still available on the Player entity, indicating the preferred position of the player / the position where the player plays the most, a players detailed_position_id may change over time.


  • When requesting a page that utilizes pagination, the next_page attribute now contains the query parameters from the original request. This way you can easily propogate through the results with the same context like includes and filters. If you are using the API token as a query parameter for authentication, you still have to add this to your next request.


  • The 'value' field on Trend entities is now automatically casted to a float.


  • A filter called deleted has been implemented. The filter can be passed on Fixtures entities to only request fixtures that have a is_deleted State. This is handy to keep your database in Sync with ours, since fixtures with a deleted state are excluded from default responses.

  • An endpoint to retrieve jerseys has been implemented. You can request the current seasons jerseys via league id.


  • The Aggregated Topscorers by Season Id endpoint has been removed. It became obsolete since we have now separated Stage Topscorers and Season Topscorers. Requesting Season Topscorers now returns the same result as an "aggregated" call would return beforehand.

  • We have added a formations include, which is now available under the Fixture entity. This provides a more convenient to request the formations for the given fixtures participants. In before implementing this include, it was available as a value when requesting the metadata include. Requesting formations via the metadata is now deprecated and will be removed before API V3 will go out of Beta.

  • We have added a ballCoordinates include, which is now available under the Fixture entity. This provides a more convenient to request ball coordinates for the given fixture. In before implementing this include, it was available as a value when requesting the metadata include. Requesting ball coordinates via the metadata is now deprecated and will be removed before API V3 will go out of Beta.


  • From now on, when requests return no results, an extra field message will be added to the response, stating no results were returned. This can either be due to the query not returning any (more) results, or because the subscription not allowing access to the requested data.


  • A new pagination system has been implemented. From now on, we will no longer provide a count and total_pages property in the meta of the response. Instead, you can paginate using the has_more parameter to determine if you can still propagate through results. This change decreases the load on our databases and massively increases API response speed and reliability.

  • A new filter called idAfter has been implemented on endpoints returning all entities, for example the All Leagues endpoint or All Fixtures endpoint. This is especially useful for pagination, e.g to easily determine which entities have been newly created in our databases compared to yours. You can use it like so:


This will only return leagues with an ID higher than 2000


  • We have changed the URL of the endpoint that returns the latest updated fixtures. In before this change, it was available via fixtures/updates. To better follow naming conventions of similar endpoints in our API, it is now accessible via fixtures/latest.

  • The parameter for the fixtures/latest endpoint has changed. It will now return fixtures that have been updated in the last 5 minutes.

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