It is possible to customize our widgets with several configurations. Some configurations are only available for paid widget users. The different general and widget specific configuration options are listed below:


  • Theme - Select a default theme (light/dark)
  • Theme switch - Option for showing or hiding theme switch (between dark and light mode) in widget
  • Colors (PRO) - Customizing the colors used in the widgets (primary, secondary and tertiary)
  • Logo (PRO) - The Sportmonks logo is displayed in the footer of each widget. at default. You can override this by adding your own brand logo.

Livescore widget

  • Change leagues (PRO) - Select the leagues you want in your widget. Default all leagues in your plan are displayed in the widget. You can customize this by picking only the leagues you will need. You can pick a maximum of 25 leagues (API restrictions).
  • Show team/league logos - Option for showing or hiding team and league logos
  • Show player images - Option for showing or hiding player images
Free Livescore Widget
Pro Livescore Widget
Select a default theme (light/dark)
Change the colors to fit it in your corporate identity
Show/hide the theme switch
Change the logo in the footer
Show/hide team/ league logos and player images
Select and show your favorite leagues
Export as PDF
Copy link