ID Finder

In this chapter, you can find more information about the ID finder, which is really useful for finding all IDs in our API.

Why would you use the ID finder?

Obviously, you can use it to find IDs. This can also be done in the API. However, in some scenario’s the ID finder can be faster. Also, if you like to search for IDs with a little more visual support, this is the way to go.
You can find the ID finder by clicking on resources in the My.sportmonks menu.
There are six ways to find our IDs.
  • Common ID’s
  • League ID’s
  • Team ID’s
  • Player ID’s

Common ID’s

We have listed all common IDs. In that list, you can find the IDs that are used most often. Players like Messi and Ronaldo are very popular players, and the most popular leagues and biggest upcoming fixtures are shown in this “Common tab." Also, the IDs of the free plan in those categories are mentioned.

League ID’s

Here, you can find all leagues in our API.
You can filter by country or search for the name of a certain league. You can also use both filters to find the ID of your favourite league (as in the picture below).
You will see the league ID, the league name, the country the league belongs to, and the current season ID.
Keep in mind that some countries are combined (like England is in the United Kingdom).

Team ID’s

Here you can find all teams in our API.
Again, you can filter by country and search for the name of the team you are looking for. You get to see the team ID, the name of the club, the country the team belongs to and the current season ID of the team.

Player ID’s

On the player pages, you can find a couple of popular player ID’s and free player ID’s. Here you can find the player ID, player name, country of the player and the team ID of the team the player is in.