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How to build a custom plan

Because you might have specific needs we created the custom plan feature. Here is how to create your custom plan.
At Sportmonks, we want all our customers to be able to get exactly what they want and need for their application. This is only possible if we give our customers the opportunity to create a subscription to their liking. So, let's take a look at how to create a custom plan for your application.

New subscription

First, you need to go to the subscription tab and click "New subscription". Please find the image below to see how to get there.

Choose your sports

This is what you will get after clicking on the new subscription button. Select the sport(s) you want and click "next". For this example, we will continue with the sport football. Here you can also see in which step you are in the subscription builder (1). The other thing you can see here is how your billing cycle is set (2). You can choose between monthly and yearly.
A yearly subscription will grant you a discount. You will receive an invoice on a yearly basis instead of a monthly basis.

Default plans

Now it gets interesting. Our default plans can be found on this page, the Worldwide Plan (1). Besides that, special tournaments (for example, the European Championship) will also be available as special add-ons here (2). You can select one plan and multiple specials at the same time. We will now select "New Custom Plan" (3) because we are building a custom plan.
Before continuing, let me explain the packages shown on this page. The European Plan and Worldwide Plan have a special offer (4). If you missed the World Cup in the Worldwide Plan, you could take this offer instead of building a custom plan yourself. Instead of the €109,- paid for the World Cup, European Championship, qualifications and more, you will now only pay €29,- per month (5).
Okay, now let's create a custom plan for your specific needs. Select 'new custom plan' (3) and go to next at the bottom of the screen.
By clicking on the button next you will find this overlay. Here you can select all leagues of a specific default plan by clicking on the select buttons (1). You can also find how many leagues and which leagues are included in a specific plan (2). You can always get back to this screen by clicking on ‘edit leagues’ on the next screen.

League coverage

By clicking on the eye icon, you will find the next overlay.
From here, you can find out which and how many leagues are included (1), copy the league ID (2) of leagues and go to the coverage page (3).
You cannot include the leagues in your plan via this pop-up.age

Selecting Leagues

Now we are at the page where you start building the plan you need.
  • You can choose all leagues from the default plans, for example, the World Plan Leagues. To do this, you have to click on ‘edit’ (1).
  • The number of leagues included in your custom plan is visible (2).
  • You can see how many leagues Sportmonks currently covers (3).
  • By clicking at the + sign, you will add a specific league to your custom plan (4).
We have two options to search for the leagues you like. You can filter based on "Country" (1) and "name" (2). In the example, there are 109 leagues in England (3), you can narrow it down by searching for a specific name as well. Also, you can see that we selected the Premier League with League ID 8. You can always remove a selected league by clicking that pink circle (4).
Click on edit (1) if you want to get back to the overlay in the previously discussed.
Now we have selected the Champions League, Premier League and La Liga. You can see we have three leagues selected (1). We have searched for all leagues in England (3) and how many leagues from England are available in our API (2).

Selecting data features

Next up are the data features. You can find all the data features we offer on this page. You see the number of leagues included in the custom plan (1). Another thing that you can do straight away is to select the predictions add-on (2). Please note that you can choose all basic, standard or advanced features by clicking on the small pink circle below the data features (3). You can also clear all data features and start over (4).
As mentioned above, you can select all features of a specific set at once by clicking on the pink button below the basic, standard and advanced (3).
However, you can select only the features you want individually as well. You can always delete the features individually by clicking on the pink circles behind all the features (2).

Custom plan overview

After clicking "next," you can click on predictions again to toggle it on or off (1). Besides that, you can leave our sales team a message (2). For example, you can type any reason you want to take this custom plan. When you are done, you can click on "Request Price". You can confirm your selection or go a step back (3). Let’s continue and request the price.


Success! Now you are on the success page. We have received your proposal and will get back to you shortly.

Received an error message?

If you receive an error message, it might be the case that you have sent three custom plan requests before. Don't hesitate to contact the support team to delete the previous requests so you have room for a new one.

How to continue after successfully creating your custom plan request?

So, now what? Good question. Our sales and support team will get back to you via e-mail within 24 hours to send you a price proposal. After you have come to an agreement, they will set up your plan, and you can activate it on My.Sportmonks.com.
After the agreement, you will receive an email once the plan is created. You will find a notification in My.sportmonks.
By clicking on the notification bell, you will open a new overlay. Here you can select to go to the checkout to access all data in your custom plan.
You will find a screen which you have seen before. Football is already pre-selected, you can click on 'next'.
Now you can see the 'custom plan' being pre-selected. You can check it out more closely by clicking on a custom plan. You can see which leagues and features are included and you can see the price you have agreed to.

Completing the checkout

Now you can decide if you like to have add-ons in your subscription and you can finish the checkout to subscribe to your custom plan.