How-to use team mode

This page will describe how to use team mode in our MySportmonks environment. Follow the described steps one-by-one to successfully create a team account and how to use the team mode.

Go to your dashboard by going to the following page:

Now, click on the arrow to open your account's navigation menu. You can find it to the right of your name. โ€จThe following navigation menu will open:

Click on โ€˜teamsโ€™. Two new options will become available: click on โ€˜overviewโ€™.

You are now redirected to the teams overview page in MySportmonks:

Here, you can create a new team and view an overview of all your created teams.

Team settings

Click on โ€˜view teamโ€™ to find all information related to this team, such as VAT information, Billing information, the teamโ€™s name and information about the owner. You can also edit the team name here. Furthermore, you can see an overview of all team members. You can add new team members and assign the memberโ€™s role: admin or editor.

Teams overview

Click on โ€˜switch to teamโ€™ to enter team mode immediately. You are now using team mode! The blue bar indicates that you are in team mode. You can switch back to personal mode by clicking one of the 'switch to personal' buttons.

API token for team account

You need to create a new API token when you change from a personal account to a team account.

Please go to (when in team mode) and only use this new API token for your team account. Otherwise, you wonโ€™t be able to access the data included in your team subscription.

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