API 3.0 (BETA)
Football API 3.0 (BETA)


You can obtain all the fixtures that are currently in-play via our livescores endpoints.
Responses of the livescore endpoint are highly customizable because many includes are available to extend the response. You can find a list of available includes below, listed per endpoint option.
The two options to retrieve livescores are:
  • GET All Inplay Livescores: returns all the live fixtures. Please be aware that in the livescores endpoint, the fixtures will be available 15 minutes before the match has started and 15 mins after it has ended.
  • GET All Livescores: returns all the fixtures of the current day.
  • GET Latest Updated Livescores: returns all livescores that have received updates within 10 seconds.

Include options

Get an overview and explanation of all the fields returned in the API response. The related entities for the livescores endpoints are: